About Q-Park

Review of business

We are pleased to present our 2017 CSR report. The changes to the structure of our organisation have not affected our results. On the contrary, we have improved performance in many areas and are well on the way to achieving the goals for 2020 we set for ourselves.

Acquisition of Q-Park

On 11 October 2017 Byzantium Acquisition MidCo 2 B.V., through its subsidiary Byzantium Acquisition B.V., acquired 100 percent of the shares in the Q-Park Group.

The acquisition was designed to support Q-Park's growth strategy, to facilitate collaboration with public and private partners to provide mobility solutions for the cities, and to provide Q-Park enhanced access to funding in the context of the anticipated consolidation of the fragmented parking industry.

Continued investment

Our focus on the quality of our investments, higher utilisation rates by optimising commercial opportunities, and our continuing attention to operational efficiency contribute to the financial and non-financial results.

It is precisely in times like we are currently experiencing – where financial, social, technological and environmental developments are emerging in rapid succession – that Q-Park will and can be a functional and qualitative anchor that society can count on.

Our financial performance

Due to the acquisition by Byzantium Acquisition MidCo 2 B.V. on 11 October 2017, there are no comparitive figures.

However, if Q-Park had been acquired as of the beginning of the financial year revenue contribution would have been EUR 854.5 million, which is an increase of 3.6 percent compared to the revenues reported by Q-Park in the previous financial year.

Net revenue

(x EUR million)

Our non-financial performance

Parking spaces reserved for electric and shared cars

We have a substantial increase in the number of car charging stations and in the number of spaces allocated to car sharing schemes. The number of parking spaces reserved for car charging increased by 35 percent to 1,117. The number of spaces we allocate to car sharing schemes increased by 17 percent to 852.

We reduced our energy consumption and CO2 footprint. The average CO2 footprint per parking space is now 6 percent lower than in 2016. We have achieved this through the Q-Park energy-saving programme which is demonstrating clear benefits – in financial terms as well as in our environmental impact.

CO2 footprint per parking space per type of structure