Governance, policies, and codes

We have moved all the static information about or governance, policies and codes from the report to our corporate website as this information does not depend on the reporting year.

CSR Governance

Changes in CSR reporting

On 11 October 2017 Byzantium Acquisition MidCo 2 B.V., through its subsidiary Byzantium Acquisition B.V., acquired 100 percent of the shares in the Q-Park Group. If Q-Park had been acquired as of the beginning of the financial year revenue contribution would have been EUR 854.5 million, which is an increase of 3.6 percent compared to the revenues reported by Q-Park in the previous financial year. Even though there are no comparative figures, the results show an upward trend.

In 2017 we also changed the way we collect data about energy consumption and our CO2 footprint. Due to improved data quality procedures we have more accurate data for 2016 and 2015. Therefore, we have restated the figures for both years.

Corporate governance

We value your feedback

We value your feedback on our CSR report as this will help us to further improve its quality. Should you have any questions or comments, we would like to hear from you by e-mail: You may also post your response to us at the address given in the contact details. We will endeavour to respond within five working days.