What we can do better

Although Q-Park strives to improve its performance in all areas of its operations, sometimes things may still go wrong or the initiatives taken may not have the desired effect. This chapter summarises the most important aspects in 2017 that did not go as expected and which need to be looked at carefully in the future if we want to reach the targets we have set ourselves for 2020.

Training employees

At Q-Park, just as our stakeholders, we consider employee training and education to be very important. We therefore include this in our policy, and that is why we train our staff particularly in personal safety, security, conflict management and pricing strategy. We aim to give these training courses regularly in all our countries. However, in Q-Park's current phase, the focus was set on developing the company and our positioning in the market, which has required our full attention. Most training courses will resume in the coming years.

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Customer satisfaction

The most significant point for improvement identified in the customer satisfaction survey conducted in 2017 concerns our complaints handling process. We received feedback on the speed with which a solution was given, the quality of the solution offered, and whether customers feel that their complaint was given fair consideration. We are developing action plans to address this issue.

Number of flights

Due to the setting up and launching of the new C2C platform, travelling has increased especially from and to the Nordic region. As more countries are connected to the platform, our need to travel by plane will decrease.

External verification

External verification increases the confidence stakeholders have in our accountability and has a disciplining effect on our internal organisation. But external verification also entails extra time and costs. Today, the reporting process is standardised and the structure of the data requested can easily be checked for completeness and reliability. The whole process of CSR information gathering is therefore already prepared for future external verification with the quality standards that stakeholders expect from us.