Our response to trends in 2017

Sustainable mobility solutions for the last mile

Q-Park is the first parking provider in Europe to offer electric bikes to rent via smartphones. Q-Park is piloting the scheme in partnership with e-bike-to-go (http://ebiketogo.nl/). This enables motorists to travel the ‘last mile’ from where they park to their final destination in the inner city quickly and easily; and furthermore, this mode of transport is environmentally friendly. The scheme is available at two Q-Park locations in Amsterdam and one in The Hague. If it proves successful, the scheme will be introduced throughout the Netherlands.

The e-bikes have an operating range of more than sixty kilometres and come complete with LED lighting and a handy crate for bags. The bikes can be locked anywhere and can be returned at other e-bike-to-go locations.

App-controlled lock

“E-bikes are an attractive alternative for cars, particularly in the large cities”, adds e-bike-to-go founder Jelle Visser. “You don't get stuck in traffic and you can take the shortest route. What's more, using our e-bikes is child's play. You can unlock the bike via our app and can use the bike for five hours for just five euros. The first bike sharing plans were introduced in the Netherlands more than 50 years ago. With this innovative solution, the Netherlands now has a bike sharing plan 2.0.”

Mobility hubs

“Providing convenient solutions for our customers is one of our priorities. E-bike-to-go is a good example of a ‘smart mobility’ application – something our customers are increasingly asking for”, Mark van Haasteren, managing director of Q-Park Netherlands explains. “This enables high-calibre parking locations to develop into ‘mobility hubs’ which enable motorists to combine different modes of transport to travel from A to B quickly and conveniently. And it fits well with our own sustainability objectives.”

Get Connected Electric Car Show

Q-Park is the first car parking provider in the UK to offer car charging in all its cities. We are making a concerted effort to lead the field when it comes to electric vehicle infrastructure. It reflects our environmentally friendly parking ethos which includes;

  • teaming up with companies such as Green Motion – which specialises in renting electric vehicles,
  • teaming up with companies such as Franklin Energy – which specialises in car charging points, and
  • offering discounts on season tickets for electric vehicle owners (on selected sites only).

In November 2017 Q-Park UK hosted its first electric vehicle event in Manchester. The event was held over two days in the brand new, stylish and secure Q-Park car park, Deansgate North in Manchester, which is now fully equipped with car charging points managed by e-charging provider Franklin Energy.

As a way to showcase electric vehicle infrastructure in northern England and within Q-Park parking facilities, Q-Park invited electric vehicle manufacturers, dealers, and industry related exhibitors, including fleet management companies and electric car clubs. For the curious and passionate alike, there was plenty to look at and talk about with Tesla, BMW, and Renault electric cars on show, and with a meet for electric car owners on the Saturday.

There was also something for young and old at the event. Visitors could experience electric driving on the giant Scalextric track which also featured a themed Q-Park multi-storey car park!

John Denton, Head of Sales and Marketing at Q-Park UK, said, “Get Connected MCR (MCR = Manchester) was an excellent way to showcase Q-Park UK’s efforts to remain true to its responsible ethos and for industry related companies to join in and show how they can help create a more sustainable future. It was great to hear such good feedback from the first event.”

Green coating, climbing plants and cladding

At the new P+R car park at ’s-Hertogenbosch Station, the Netherlands, which was opened in August, high priority was given to integrating the new car park into the surrounding area. All parties involved with the new Park+Ride facility worked hard to ensure it would fit in with the character of the neighbourhood.

's-Hertogenbosch green P+R

One distinctive feature is the green floor coating – when the car park is empty, those living nearby don't have a grey concrete floor to greet them, but an attractive floor painting depicting green trees. Another feature is the exterior ground floor façade that is covered with climbing plants and forms a green vista for residents. On the upper floor, cladding has been specially placed so that car headlights do not shine into the houses across the street. Finally, the car park has four pedestrian doors to facilitate access for residents and their guests.

More green space, play areas and park benches

In consultation with residents, the municipality of 's-Hertogenbosch made additional proposals to ensure that the commuter car park enhances the neighbourhood. At the beginning of 2018, even more green space, play areas and park benches will be placed around the car park making it into an attractive place where residents and their children can enjoy open space in the city centre.

P+R key link to sustainable mobility

P+R car parks, whether open air or purpose built, are a key part of the plan to make mobility in the Netherlands more sustainable. Convenient parking facilities close to stations contribute to a pleasant journey from door to door, and therefore to better use of public transport. Currently, in the Netherlands there are some 50,0001 parking spaces at train stations where rail passengers can park.

Commuters and day trippers can travel conveniently by car to and from their nearest station. Q-Park makes parking nearby affordable at the Q-Park P+R car parks. Q-Park and the transport companies work together to offer train travellers even more discount, or even free parking at the station, if they present the public transport chip card to the reader at the car park barrier.

P+R P+W portrait We Develop Quality WDQ
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