Our people

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Our aim is to increase our employees' engagement as well as contribute to their health and safety.

Q-Park has 2,507 employees (2,152 FTEs). The majority of these people work in or near our parking facilities as Parking Hosts. Our social relevance for operational employees is considerable. Together with the retail and cleaning sectors, we are committed to helping people who like to take a practical approach. We are a binding factor; we offer varied work and a certain status, so all colleagues feel appreciated.

Q-Park promotes the health and safety of customers and employees. We achieve this mainly by training our employees and equipping them for their work, and by creating a safe and healthy working environment. We also offer our employees the opportunity to learn life-saving skills so that they can help someone both at home and at work.

Every year, we receive millions of visitors in our parking facilities at all hours of the day. Unfortunately, it is inevitable that our employees will encounter aggressive or inappropriate behaviour. We offer Parking Hosts training so they can learn to deal with such situations.

What we have achieved

The number of employees we trained in resilience to aggression and violence has increased to 632.

Employees trained in conflict management

In our materiality analysis, we found that anti-corruption was seen as material by our stakeholders. This year, there were no confirmed incidents of corruption. However, we will keep measuring this and include an anti-corruption training in the general training package for employees.