How we create value

Q-Park’s strategic ambition is to be the strongest European car parking operator that best understands and seizes car parking market opportunities. Our strategic focus is to create value for all stakeholders: shareholders, landlords, municipalities, customers and employees.

Q-Park operates in a dynamic environment. To provide a dynamic response to external events and market trends our strategy is built on five pillars:

  • strong locations,
  • differentiated propositions,
  • digital and pricing capabilities,
  • operational excellence, and a
  • proactive learning organisation.

We also maintain and strengthen our position by remaining alert to new developments and responding with forward-looking strategies. Ongoing dialogue with our stakeholders is vital to ensure that their interests and needs are represented in the choices we make. Our materiality analysis helps us to understand the most relevant issues.

The major trends that influence the success of our business also help determine Q-Park's strategic direction. We aim to gain substantial benefit by utilising our scale of operations and excellent market position. We want to increase the margins on our operating activities by focusing on greater efficiency. And we are focusing on increasing our market share through acquisitions and different types of lease and management contracts.

Integral mobility

Our aim in society is to be an integral part of city mobility policy and to work towards sustainable freedom of movement. We achieve this through adopting a fair pricing policy, facilitating good information provision about available parking spaces, and integrating with alternative modes of transport.

Sustainable value

  • We create sustainable value in society with our parking products: they help to improve the quality of life in urban areas and to reduce air pollution generated by traffic cruising for a place to park.
  • As a proactive learning organisation, we enhance our employees’ job satisfaction and their competences by providing relevant training and education.
  • And for the parking customer, we add value by providing functional products and services and by involving them in our activities.
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Value clarification

To clarify the sustainable value we create, we use the following categories throughout this report;

  • Our financial performance
  • Our products & services
  • Our environmental impact (footprint)
  • Our people, and
  • Our social engagement
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